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Emotional Support for Children During Difficult Times

Young children may be unwillingly influenced and affected by the current events in Hong Kong. It is especially important that the whole family comes together for mutual support.

Expat Parent Magazine – December 2019



Powering into Preschool!

Is sleep the key to a successful start to preschool? JACQUELINE MCNALTY, Founding Principal of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, shares her thoughts on this and on Malvern’s new Sai Ying Pun campus.

Expat Living Magazine – October-December 2019



Smoothing the Transition into Pre-School

Starting pre-school is a big step for children and their parents and some may have mixed emotions about making this transition.

Expat Parent Magazine – September 2019



香港墨爾文國際幼稚園 英式森林學校 培養全面知識


Hong Kong Economic Journal – 16 May 2019



Malvern College Pre-School Island West

Outdoor adventures and bilingual robots, Amelia Sewell reports on what’s in store for students of the new Hong Kong Island pre-school

Expat Parent Magazine – May 2019



Feature: Creativity in Education – Jacqueline McNalty, Principal, Malvern College Pre-School

We certainly value creativity at Malvern. We believe it’s essential and it’s timeless, and it’s a big part of our early years curriculum. Children are born naturally curious, we use different strategies to enhance that.

Britain in Hong Kong – March-April 2019



香港墨爾文國際幼稚園第2間分校落戶港島西 設 爸媽學堂 分享育兒心得


Topick (Online) – 16 January 2019



墨爾文港島增設幼園 期加強生命教育


Sing Tao Education – 16 January 2019



Meet Jacqueline McNalty Founding Principal, Malvern Pre-School

Jacqueline McNalty is founding principal of Malvern College Pre-school Hong Kong. She was part of the founding team who opened the Pre-School in September 2017. Jacqueline tells us about the jots of her role and the stimulating learning environment that her students enjoy every day.

The Unique Asia Schools Guide – 2019



Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong – the only kindergarten to successfully combine nature and robotics

When it comes to educating young children, it can be difficult to find the balance between teaching them about technology, while keeping them in tune with the natural world.

South China Morning Post: Good Schools Guide Magazine – 3 December 2018



Malvern hosts official opening

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong welcomed representatives from the UK and Hong Kong for is official opening.

Expat Parent Magazine – October 2017



Open Doors

Malvern Collefe Pre-School has just completed a renovation and is ready to welcome its first students.

Expat Parent Magazine – August-September 2017



The forest school revolution in Hong Kong

Anne Murphy, Director of ITS Educatio Asia, explains the concept.

Sai Kung Magazine – May 2017



Malvern College comes to Hong Kong

The private school adds Hong Kong to their portfolio, Carolynne Dear finds out more.

Sai Kung Magazine – December 2016



香港墨爾文國際幼稚園 英國名校來港開設「森林學校」


Baby-mo Magazine – December 2016



香港墨爾文國際幼稚園 鬧市森林探索學習


Sing Tao Daily: Smart Parents Magazine – 24 November 2016



寓學習於遊戲 自我探索

香港墨爾文國際幼稚園 引入森林學校 環境化身「老師」

Happy Pama Magazine – 8 November 2016



墨爾文國際幼稚園 自然環境提升「五感」


Sing Tao Education – 4 November 2016



英國墨爾文學院 明年在港辦幼稚園


Sing Tao Education – 21 October 2016



諾獎搖籃來港辦森林學校 幼童郊遊起樹屋

【本報訊】曾培育多位諾貝爾獎得主的英國寄宿學校墨爾文國及學校(Malvern College),明年在港開辦香港墨爾文國際幼稚園(Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong),亦是全港首間正規「森林學校(Forest School)」,學童透過接觸大自然學習,學生火和建樹屋。

Apple Daily – 21 October 2016



香港墨爾文國際學校 數理並重 「諾貝爾獎搖籃」

有「諾貝爾獎搖籃」之稱的英國墨爾文學院(Malvern College),去年五月獲政府批出在大埔白石角附近地皮,興建香港墨爾文國際學校,是繼中國青島、成都及埃及後,墨爾文學院在全球開辦的第五所學校。 。 。

Sing Tao Daily: Smart Parents Magazine – 13 October 2016



Guiding children in their inaugural education journey

Opening in September 2017, Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong is set to offer its brand of early education to the students of Hong Kong.

The Standard – 11 October 2016



Malvern College Preschool set for 2017 Opening

With building work on a “big” school already started, it comes as no surprise that British private school Malvern College will be adding an early years programme to its portfolio in Hong Kong.

Expat Parent Magazine – October 2016


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