Vision & Mission

We at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong recognise the importance of the Early Years for laying a firm foundation for future learning and success. We have made it our vision to create a world-leading educational programme that is aimed at nurturing the potential in every child through a stimulating and developmental Early Years programme.


Drawing upon our 150-plus years of heritage from Malvern College UK, we envisage our youngest children developing their individual strengths through employing a personalised approach of active, play-based learning. We foster life-long learning and encouraging each child’s curiosity, kindness, resilience, self-awareness, open-mindedness, collaboration, risk-taking, independence, integrity, and humility. We provide a secure, organised yet innovative environment for children to engage in a balanced and holistic programme that includes a focus on creative, academic, sports and outdoor activities including our successful ‘Forest School’ programme.


We offer all these in the belief that your child will be more than ready for a smooth transition into full-time primary education. Our Early Years staff are experienced, caring and passionate practitioners who will provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment where children feel not only safe but happy; and where they have the optimal opportunity to thrive and learn. We believe that every child is precious and unique, ready to shine and achieve their individual dreams. Here at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we believe that each child is greatness waiting to happen!