Parent Testimonials

Both Island West and Coronation Circle have received much positive feedback from parents! See below what our happy families have to say about us:

“What I like about Malvern College Pre-School is…”


“We are very impressed with the school’s language programme. Our eldest son surprised us when he started to read simple books in English when he was in K2, but he even surprised us more when he started to speak in full sentences in Mandarin! We don’t speak Mandarin with him at home, and we did not expect him to pick up that much in school alone.

Another thing that we really love about Malvern is Forest-Beach School. The children greatly enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring and playing together. They learn to challenge themselves and to be brave. At the time, there was no other school in Hong Kong offering such a programme, it is so unique and different!”

Janice and Manuel, parents of a PN pupil (Coronation Circle) and two primary pupils (both graduated from MCPS)

“Forest-Beach School has drastically improved the awareness of the natural world in my children. They have expanded their curiosity to the natural world, discovering seemingly simple things, that are mostly not accessible to the Hong Kong kids – creatures in their habitat, simple natural phenomena. Playing together outside where they learn to take risks has also made them more self-assured.”

Mitsuyo, parent of a K2 pupil (Coronation Circle) and Prep 1 pupil (graduated from MCPS)

“We absolutely love MCPS Island West. The teachers and the admin staff are always so helpful to parents and so supportive to children in their personal and academic journey! Thank you for the flu vaccination campaign!”

Amparo and Alexander, parents of a PN pupil (Island West) and Prep 1 pupil (graduated from MCPS)

“Our eldest son is currently in Prep 1 at Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK). Prior to that he had attended Malvern Pre-School (MCPS) for both K1 and K2. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at MCPS and the nurturing environment the school created. We are also grateful for the thought and effort made to prepare our son for his interview with MCHK, and the academic rigor expected at the college.”

Jonathan, parent of a K1 pupil (Island West) and Prep 1 pupil (graduated from MCPS)

“Malvern College Pre-School has a wonderfully cozy and safe environment for my son to learn and grow. The teaching and supporting staff have been fantastic in supporting us with his transition. Their professionalism and kindness are very much respected and appreciated. We would like to thank everyone for supporting our son’s education journey.”

Amanda, parent of a PN pupil (Island West)

“The pre-school’s bilingual approach not merely provides a solid foundation for the pupils’ language development but also facilitates their future multi-faceted and life-wide learning under different cultural environments and circumstances. The native-speaking teachers use a variety of differentiated instructional strategies to suit the learning path of individual pupils, allowing them to develop their language proficiency progressively and stretch their full potential confidently.”

Joseph, parent of a pre-nursery pupil

“Both my children absolutely love MCPS! Every morning they look forward to going here and share all the fascinating and wonderful things they are learning. The staff are very responsive and always at hand for discussing any concerns, issues or ideas.

MCPS is a school with a warm and welcoming community spirit, and I really like the play-based learning approach. Compared to many schools in Hong Kong and having spoken to many parents here, MCPS staff really understand and appreciate the importance of learning through playtime. The open plan campus with easy access to various play areas encourage children to explore different activities. The staff are always encouraging exploration and creativity, always observing and considering the pupils’ likes and areas for further development which they incorporate into classes.

Forest-Beach School is a major area where MCPS really stands out! Our children love visiting Sai Kung to get their hands and feet dirty in the sand. The outdoor activities have encouraged my kids to explore nature, whether it’s the beach or the forest, and my kids have a new fondness and respect for natural environments.

Despite the challenging year with COVID, I felt the school was very supportive towards parents with helping with transitioning the kids to zoom sessions, providing home learning packs and one-to-one catch ups on a regular basis. During busy work periods, I was also able to drop my son off at care service where he was able to interact with other children, learn and play (despite no classes) whilst also being encouraged by the teachers to attend zoom classes.

The education, attention, and experiences at MCPS have provided my son with a solid foundation in Maths and Phonics and prepared him academically, socially and emotionally well to succeed in school interviews and observation playdates. He secured places at several prestigious international schools in Hong Kong and is now attending Reception at a British International School. Whilst my son loves his current school, he also misses MCPS. Whenever we drop-off/ pick up my daughter together, he fondly remembers the teachers and experiences here. MCPS has been a great success story and start for my son’s educational journey. I’m confident our youngest will learn just as much, if not more!”

Ruchi, parent of a PN pupil (Island West) and primary pupil (graduated from MCPS)