Campus Design

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy which views the “environment as the third teacher”. This approach perfectly complements the EYFS curriculum with its focus on inquiry and play-based learning.

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong (Island West)

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong (Coronation Circle)


Design philosophy


Indoor Natural Environment

The school’s interior spaces are designed to create a natural learning environment. By bringing natural elements such as plants, sand, water and sunlight into the interior, the school is no longer just a traditional classroom-based learning space. Instead, it becomes a unique and stimulating environment, inciting children to pursue their chosen area of interest.


Open Plan Layout for Greater Flexibility

Open classrooms and the organic curvilinear shapes of the school’s interior are designed to foster a flexible and dynamic learning environment. Organised around the central indoor play area, classrooms act as home bases, while numerous focal points in between provide informal learning spaces. Classrooms are no longer defined by walls and learning happens everywhere.


A School as a Home to Safeguard Children While They Grow

The flexible interior design of the Pre-School makes for an inspiring learning space where children are free to explore. The safe and home-like environment provides an abundance of possibilities, encouraging many types of play and learning experiences.


A Natural, Multi-sensory Playground

The school is not simply a space where children acquire knowledge, it is also a playground with boundless opportunities for them to explore and learn.

Natural elements and open-ended play equipment (e.g. the play hut and sand pit) are complemented by hard and soft play surfaces and invite children to crawl, roll, climb and run. This in turn stimulates children’s five senses and triggers their inquisitiveness about the world around them.

Play Hut and Reading Loft

The play hut is an open-ended, flexible learning space and provides endless dramatic play opportunities for children to use their imagination and to explore. It can easily be transformed into different settings: kitchen, restaurant, home, flower shop, post office, hospital, travel agent, pet shop, veterinary clinic and much more, The reading loft, found on top of the play hut, is a welcoming space filled with child-sized soft furniture and lamps. Its cosy, inviting atmosphere is an ideal place for children to read and relax.