Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong is member of a growing network of Malvern schools across the globe. Although each Malvern school has its own unique identity, they all share the same DNA and ethos built around the “Five Centres of Excellence”, namely: British-style Pastoral Care; Enhanced Learning; Entrepreneurial Education; Outdoor and Environmental Education and a Global Network. The Five Centres of Excellence are the essence of a Malvern education.

Malvern DNA

Embracing different locations and cultural contexts, Malvern’s DNA encourages collaboration, risk-taking and international mindedness amongst staff, pupils and parents.

  • Pupil Centered. Our focus is to maximise each pupil’s academic potential and to develop their talents and personal interests so they can flourish as individuals.
  • International Outlook. Malvern’s ethos promotes cross-cultural communication and sensitivity. We are an open-minded and collaborative organisation that values staff members from a wide variety of cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.
  • Family Culture. We foster a positive, caring and professional environment with a focus on our community’s wellbeing.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. We encourage new ideas, opportunities and initiatives and recognise the importance of risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Experiential Learning. We place great emphasis on learning through experience. Our pupils learn through inquiry, hands-on activities and project-based teaching.


Five Centres of Excellence


  • British-style Pastoral Care. We inherit our strong pastoral care system from our parent school Malvern College in the UK. Effective pastoral care improves pupils’ academic achievement: children and young people learn best when they are balanced and content. Malvern’s pastoral care is based on an active House system with dedicated tutor time, house events and community dining.
  • Enhanced Learning. We want to make sure that our pupils’ talents are identified and given every opportunity to develop. Where possible and appropriate, we support individualised learning at a pupil’s own pace, for example through the Gifted & Talented Mentorship, the establishment of a “super curriculum” to run alongside the core curriculum and other enrichment programmes.
  • Entrepreneurial Education. This curricular strand focuses on the development of a “value creation mindset” for Malvernians across all year levels. Creativity and innovation, de-compartmentalisation, risk-taking, resilience, collaboration and critical thinking form a 21st century skill set, moving Entrepreneurial Education beyond a narrow business-focused definition. It also provides a platform for community engagement through internships, practicums and volunteerism.
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education. We recognise the importance of sustainability and environmental protection in our lives, society and economy: learning in and from nature must play a significant role in our pupils’ education. Outdoor learning programmes incorporated in Malvern’s curriculum include Forest-Beach School, “The Ledder”, Outward Bound, Junior Duke, Duke of Edinburgh, ECO Warriors, local field trips as well as regional and international expeditions.
  • Global Network. We promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration within our growing network of Malvern schools in the UK, Switzerland, Egypt, China and Hong Kong. Campus visits and exchange programmes significantly broaden the positive experiences gained from shared teaching and learning across different cultures and locations.