Quality Teaching

We believe a world-leading Pre-School programme must be led by highly trained and experienced professional teachers. Malvern College’s world leading reputation has always attracted the most qualified people to work for us. We recognise the importance of strong leadership and all our schools have experienced, passionate leaders equipped with the personal and professional skills necessary to inspire excellence in all areas.

Annette Garvey, Teacher


We hire only the best educators. Our Early Years staff are highly qualified, experienced, caring and passionate practitioners. They provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment where children feel safe and happy and have the optimal opportunity to thrive. Each classroom has a native English-speaking, Early Years teacher (most hold a Bachelor of Education degree). All our Early Years educators are supported by another full-time, dedicated Mandarin-speaking teacher with a recognised Certificate in Early Childhood Education.



Reporting and Assessing

At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and we view children as capable, curious and part of a community and we value sharing each child’s learning journey with parents through regular communication, collaboration and documentation. Parents can be reassured of their child’s progress through carefully kept records of each child’s individual academic progress, where teachers observe each child and gather tangible evidence of children’s educational journey towards the EYFS learning goals.


A Portfolio of Learning for each child is a reflection and celebration of each child’s progress and learning journey. Parents are normally hugely impressed by the tangible and steady progress when their child’s portfolio of such evidence is shared with them. Evidence of learning will focus on progress in the EYFS areas of Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design; Personal, Social and Emotional; Physical; and Communication and Language.


All Pre-School children will be issued with a School Report towards the end of term and Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) will closely follow the issuing of the school report, guiding the teacher-parent PTC discussions, along with review of the Portfolio of Learning during the PTC. Parents are welcome to make appointments with their child’s teacher at any time should they wish to discuss their child’s progress or they have any questions. We do all these in the belief that your child will be more than ready for a smooth transition into full-time primary education. We believe that every child is precious and unique, ready to shine and achieve his or her dreams. Here at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we believe that each child is greatness waiting to happen!