Quality Teaching

We believe that delivering a top-quality education is best ensured by hiring highly trained and experienced professionals. Malvern College’s world-class reputation consistently attracts the most qualified teachers to work with our pupils. Recognising the importance of strong leadership, all our schools retain the services of experienced, passionate leaders equipped with the personal and professional skills necessary to inspire excellence in all areas.

Each class has a native-speaking English teacher, a native-speaking Mandarin teacher and an Educational Assistant, all qualified as Early Years teachers.

Communication, Report and Assessment

Natalie Gleeson, Principal (Coronation Circle)


At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and we view children as capable, curious and part of a community and we value sharing each child’s learning journey with parents through regular communication, collaboration and documentation. Parents can be reassured of their child’s progress through carefully kept records of each child’s individual academic progress, where teachers observe each child and gather tangible evidence of children’s educational journey towards the EYFS learning goals.

We use a wide range of communication tools to keep parents informed of their child’s learning and how to further it at home.

Each pupil has a “Tapestry” account, an online digital learning portfolio which parents can access anytime to find evidence of their child’s learning progress. A weekly newsletter is sent out by class teachers, including photographs and information illustrating the learning focus of the week.

A daily communication book is brought from home to school every day and used for messaging between parents and teachers. It also acts as a home reader and library log for our Kindergarten classes. Furthermore, we issue progress and end of year reports and hold regular parent teacher conferences as well as celebrations of learning where parents are invited to school to review their child’s work and progress.