Full steam ahead for Malvern College Pre-School graduates!

Malvern will become an all-through school from 2023-24. All pupils graduating from Malvern College Pre-School (MCPS) will be guaranteed a place in Prep 1 at Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK), subject to meeting the admissions requirements. We look forward to providing our pupils with a clear and progressive pathway from pre-school to primary and secondary education and ultimately graduation.

Malvern’s Education Pathway
Pupils must have attended MCPS for a minimum of two full academic years prior to entering Prep 1 at MCHK. In addition, pupils must meet age-related learning expectations as outlined in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, particularly in the context of personal, social-emotional and physical development as well as communication and language.

How will my child’s learning expectations be assessed?
We want to make sure that the Malvern pathway is the best fit for your child, not only at pre-school but also in the primary and secondary years. To this end, our pre-school teachers monitor and track all pupils’ progress throughout their time at MCPS. This information will be shared on a regular basis with the teachers from MCHK. This ongoing communication between the pre-school and the college will serve in lieu of a separate, formal observation session for our K2 pupils.