About the opening of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong

Maximum 20 students.

Roughly 3:20 teacher-student for Pre-Nursery, and 2:20 for Kindergarten 1, 2 and 3

The exact time for schools hours will be decided later. For the half day programme, morning sessions are expected to start around 8:30am and end at 11:30am with afternoon sessions starting around 1pm and ending around 4pm. For the full day programme, it is expected to start around 8:30am and end at 4:00pm. Parents are also advised to allow 10 to 15 minutes before the school starts and after school for boarding and departure.

We aim to serve the large number of young families in the neighbourhood, which is underserved by truly international kindergartens.

  • Malvern College has a very long, prestigious and successful history of 150 years. This experience and our proven track record place us as a world leader in the educational market, with a range of schools around the world within the Malvern network.
  • Our respected reputation attracts only the best educators – their experience, qualifications and dedication to the profession of teaching, ensures outstanding educational learning opportunities for every student.
  • We are the first and only authorized school to offer the Forest School educational programme in Hong Kong.
  • We have a holistic and concise developmentally appropriate play-based Early Years curriculum delivered through the internationally recognized Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum Framework with clear Learning Goals that prepares children for the first year of formal school and inspires a love of learning.
  • Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong has an innovative, creative and well resourced learning environment that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy with a focus on natural materials and play-based learning. It is a ‘home away from home’ catering to different learning styles, interests and developmental levels.


About the management of the Pre-School

The management and education team will be selected based mainly on qualification and experience in international education. We anticipate some teachers will come from the UK, but there are many highly qualified teachers familiar with EYFS curriculum from other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Malvern College UK will offer support in staff recruitment and quality assurance.

It is a close partnership. Malvern UK is intimately involved in the development and management of Malvern College Hong Kong.

Governance will be ensured by a management board well represented by Malvern UK, which meets every quarter to discuss issues on the operation of schools.

Malvern UK is involved in the planning and operation of the school, covering areas ranging from campus design to staff appointment.

There will also be sharing of teaching experience and knowledge. Senior teaching staff recruited for Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong will undertake a week-long immersion at Malvern UK, including training and a briefing on teaching resources they can utilise. Malvern College in the UK will provide ongoing support.

Malvern UK attaches great emphasis to the quality of the education delivered by its international network of schools. As such, it has set up a quality assurance programme that includes a yearly inspection of the school’s operations and academic programmes outside the UK.

As a testament of the close relationship between the mother school and Malvern College Hong Kong, there will be reserved places for students of Malvern College Hong Kong at Malvern UK if they so choose to further their studies at Malvern.

All Malvern Colleges share the same ethos and values, and the operations of the schools generally mirror that of our mother school in the UK. However, of course there are adaptations for each country to meet the national requirements laid down by their governments and English capabilities of its student intake.


About School Curriculum and Accreditation

Educationally harnessed play has proven to be very effective for very young children at Malvern, and such an approach has enabled children in many Scandinavian countries to score in top league tables in the world. We believe this programme is most aligned with our education philosophy for young children. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is a world-leading programme, used around the world and by our sister school in The Downs Malvern in the UK. Research has shown that the EYFS and the Forest School Programme provide a holistic and balanced educational programme, with clear learning goals across the Prime and Specific Areas and provide a solid foundation for the first year of formal schooling.

• Yes, the Pre-School will be bilingual, with both foreign and Mandarin-speaking teachers. Please refer to the Bi-Lingualism page for more details.

At the end of the August, there will be an ‘orientation week’ so that children and parents or adult carers may visit the Pre-School together and meet new class friends. Becoming familiar and comfortable with the new space during the orientation visits will assist children in the transition to the new school setting. During the orientation week, children can meet their new teacher(s) in a relaxed and welcoming way and teachers can use the enrollment data to discuss and chat with parents about individual children before they formally start the first week in September. Children can explore the space, play, set up, find their cubby/ locker and where they put their bag and water bottle, find the toilets etc. Parents or adult carers can meet other parents or adult carers – helping to establish a warm community. All these factors will help ease the transition process. An adult carer is invited to stay during the first two weeks of school, if they wish, with their child, helping with the settling process.

Yes, the opportunity is provided as part of the drama and music programme, delivered by a music teacher specialized in teaching young children.

Students will be exposed to a variety of physical exercises, conducted by a pediatric PE specialist as well as fine skills and motor development in the outdoors by the trained Forest School Staff.

Not as part of the structured academic curriculum


About School Facilities

The school design takes a flexible, open plan concept. True to the educationally harnessed play approach, the ‘classroom’ and ‘play areas’ are integrated into one.

In addition, the Forest School Programme will take children into the outdoors bi-weekly, offering children exposure to outdoor space.


About Teachers

Highly qualified and experienced teachers will be recruited internationally and locally.

Some of them will come from the UK. Meanwhile, there are many highly qualified teachers from Australia, New Zealand and other countries too.


About Parents

You may contact the Admissions Team through email mcpsinfo@malvernpreschool.hk or call 3898 4668 for an appointment for a Campus Visit.

Yes, please leave your information and we will contact you.