Malvern College Pre-School (Island West) Open House

Malvern College Pre-School’s Open Day, hosted at our Island West campus, was a great success! Children and parents alike were engrossed in many different activities and games around our Forest-Beach School.

Woodland Small World


Experience using sustainably sourced materials for role play and language development. Children can create stories using woodland toys and small figurines. Develop imaginative and social play with a theme about homes and families. Make houses from wooden blocks or play in the wooden tree house. Through role play children can express their likes, dislikes, needs and wants. Make your own small world character with wooden pegs, fabric and pens and join with other children to share story ideas.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Engage in physical activity based on the much-loved story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Follow the map on an adventure through the grass, mud, river, forest, snow and into a cave. Role play and tell stories using props from our Forest-Beach School sites. Go on a nature adventure using maths and descriptive language. See how children can be creative with simple resources and develop their imagination in open-ended play.

Birds – Owl Babies


At Forest-Beach School children learn to recognise living things in the environment. Take part in activities to develop an interest and knowledge of birds, using natural materials. Make a nest and create bird pictures while discovering bird characteristics. Learn how to care for living things by making a bird feeder using a pinecone or reusing resources.

Sensory Bottles


Reuse and recycle to create a natural environment in a bottle. Sensory bottles allow children to make sense of their world through handling a range of materials like sand, soil, shells and pebbles. Choose a nature-themed material, put it in a bottle, add water, shake and observe. Themes include the sea, different types of weather and the seasons.

Leaf treasures


Learn about the variety of trees in Hong Kong through creative leaf activities. Sort leaves from our Forest-Beach School site, looking at colour, shape and size. Use a leaf press to preserve leaves and tools for threading. Make a decoration, crown or necklace.

Sand Café


At Forest-Beach School children love to explore using cooking equipment and a range of containers to make pretend cakes, muffins and cookies. Real-life role play teaches children to plan, think and problem solve. Create a recipe and make a sand pie at the Sand Café. By acting out the role of chef, waiter or customer children learn cooperation as well as listening to others and being supportive.

What can be found in the Forest


Go on a mini beast hunt and discover the rich biodiversity of insects and mini beasts in Hong Kong. Look closely on the ground and at the branches using binoculars or a magnifying glass. Take part in pretend play and observation of the natural world.

Natural Weaving


Weaving is fun, it’s challenging, and it enjoys a long, historic tradition across world cultures. Adults and children can weave together on a classroom loom, string their own weaving card, make weaving shapes with sticks or a pattern with tacks using a hammer on wood. Use a range of natural resources, string, wool and twine to create patterns. Children will develop their fine motor skills and concentration, while building self-confidence by having successful experiences.

Dramatic Play Area: Kitchen


Engaging in pretend play, especially role-playing, helps children learn and develop important life skills. With real-life resources and equipment children take turns and share, set a table and learn basic cooking and hygiene concepts. While engaging in pretend play with friends and siblings, children develop important social and communication skills such as back-and-forth communication and listening skills.

Mud Faces


Children have a magical messy time creating wild art, using mud outdoors or clay indoors as well as natural materials collected from the woodland like twigs, leaves, seeds and stones. Develop fine motor skills using wooden tools to mould, make patterns and add texture to your mud face.

Nature Based Music


Tap out sounds and rhythms on the nature music stand. Explore the range of sounds that can be made with bamboo sticks of different width and length. Find out how we can re-use household items to make musical instruments.

Thank you everybody for attending! We truly enjoyed meeting all of you.


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