Admissions Overview

Welcome to Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong! We are delighted that you are considering our world-leading Pre-School for your child, and we are excited in bringing out the greatness within!


In Academic Year 2017-18, the Pre-School is opening half-day and full-day programmes for Pre-Nursery (2-3 years) and Kindergarten 1 (3-4 years), and full day programme only for Kindergarten 2 (4-5 years) and Kindergarten 3 (5-6 years). We also offer an adult-accompanied 1.5-hour playgroup for children aged from 1 to 2.


Class Time Schedule Age Teacher to Student Ratio
Playgroups (adult accompanied) * 1.5 hours programme 1 – 2 To be announced
Pre-Nursery (PN) Half-day / Full-day 2 – 3 3 : 20
Kindergarten 1 Half-day / Full-day 3 – 4 2 : 20
Kindergarten 2 Full-day 4 – 5 2 : 20
Kindergarten 3
(only available in 2017-18)
Full-day 5 – 6 2 : 20

*Please note our playgroup programme will be offered later in 2017, details will be announced in due course.


Half-day programmes are more condensed to fit in the curriculum, while still achieving good balance of teacher directed instruction and opportunities for children to pursue their own self-chosen learning.


Full-day programmes enable more one-on-one teaching and less whole-group learning, and more opportunities to consolidate and re-visit new learning, thus children will inevitably pick up English more quickly, consolidate early literacy, mathematical and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum areas, and be in a stronger position upon entry into primary school. Children also strengthen development of social and emotional areas, as well as self-help skills. Parents will also benefit from the comfort of knowing their children are well looked after consistently by professional educators, whilst being interacted with in high levels of English and Chinese.


In considering applications from prospective students, we are very conscious of building diversity, so we welcome families of any nationality. We also take into consideration how our values as an institution align with the families of our students, so we make it mandatory to meet the parents and the child/children.


Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong is applying to the Education Bureau for school registration. Meanwhile, the renovation of the school premise is in progress and the campus will open for visits in May 2017.


Tuition Fees (Subject to EDB approval)

Class Age/ Date of Birth Duration Tuition Fees
(adult accompanied) *
1-2 years old/
1 Sep 2015 – 31 Aug 2016
1.5 hours programme To be announced
Pre-Nursery (PN) 2-3 years old/
1 Sep 2014 – 31 Aug 2015
Half day: $8,500 x 11 installments
Full day: $13,500 x 11 installments
Kindergarten 1 3-4 years old/
1 Sep 2013 – 31 Aug 2014
Half day: $8,500 x 11 installments
Full day: $13,500 x 11 installments
Kindergarten 2 4-5 years old/
1 Sep 2012 – 31 Aug 2013
Full-day $13,500 x 11 installments
Kindergarten 3
(only available in 2017-18)
5-6 years old/
1 Sep 2011 – 31 Aug 2012
Full-day $13,500 x 11 installments


Interested Parents
If you like to find out more about the admission information of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, please complete this Expression of Interest Form, our team will contact you in due course.


Pre-School Malvern Meet
We invite prospective parents to find out more about our school and admissions process by joining one of our ‘Pre-School Malvern Meet’, where parents could speak with the senior management of the school. Space is limited and places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please click here to make a registration. We will send you an email if your request is confirmed.


Alternatively, you may register here to receive invitations to our events.