Parents’ Insights

At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we value and promote home-school partnerships with families and recognise that parents are a child’s first teacher. We believe in the importance of parents mirroring some of the practices at home in order to best support the education we provide. Parents are welcome to visit classes and to join our teachers in their activities, (by prior arrangement with the school). Parent volunteers also have opportunities to accompany children on class outings, come into school to read stories, share their expertise or help with cooking sessions. In addition, Malvern’s principal and its teachers will hold monthly sessions to share insights with our parents. Topics may include:

Stage of Development

  • Stages of writing in Early Years and how to support writing at home
  • Encouraging children’s fine motor skills
  • Developmental stages of reading and how to support this at home
  • Helping develop your child’s gross motor skills and coordination

Educationally Harnessed Play

  • An Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum
  • An Introduction to the Forest School Programme
  • Play-Based Learning
  • Storytelling techniques to use at home

Positive Parenting Support

  • Positive Parenting and Effective Behaviour Management Strategies
  • Managing Social and Family Relationships
  • Educational strategies and play ideas for Helpers at Home
  • Nutrition, diet and sleep


As there are many topics that can be embraced under Parents Insights Sessions, parents will be asked to make choices from a list of topics that they would like covered. We value your input!




At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong, we value and promote open communication. Parents are kept informed of their child’s learning and the ways in which they can support this at home through a variety of communication tools. Every child will have a daily Communication Book (diary) that is brought from home to school each day. This is used for daily messages between parents and teachers and also acts as a home reader/library log for our Kindergarten classes. Regular newsletters from the Pre-School provide information on what is happening in school, details of upcoming events, and other information that may interest parents. In addition, teachers may send class newsletters or emails with information specific to their class.