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Emma Masters

Early Years Teacher – English (Island West)

Emma Masters comes from England and was living and working in London before she went to teach near the jungle in Thailand for two years, leading in the Early Years Curriculum. Her experience includes working in an inner-city school and connecting children with nature through practical and engaging activities. Emma’s focus has been on creating a nurturing learning environment, encouraging communication and giving children the confidence to learn and to grow into their own unique selves. Emma enjoys teaching phonics and reading story books; her favourite book is ‘Supertato’. Emma’s lessons and learning environment are all child-centered, creating a mindful and reflective space for the children. In her spare time Emma enjoys Zumba dance class, doing yoga or baking. She likes visiting new places and learning about new cultures and bringing these experiences back into the classroom.

Orla Sheehy

Early Years Teacher – English (Island West)

Orla Sheehy originates from Ireland and worked as a hairdresser for 10 years, but always had a passion for working with children and decided to return to university as a mature student to pursue her dream in education. Since then she has had a rich experience in teaching, at home in Ireland and also while being given the opportunity to teach in Vietnam and Thailand. Orla believes that the creativity that she has used throughout her life in hairdressing is a valuable asset in the classroom environment. Orla moved to Hong Kong in 2017, where she worked in an International School. There she partook in many IB-inquiry courses which all heavily interlink with the Reggio Emilia and EYFS approach. Orla believes that this environment is vital in Hong Kong to help children grow in all areas, both socially and emotionally.

Rachel Rawcliffe

Early Years Teacher – English (Island West)

Rachel Rawcliffe comes from England but for the past few years has been working in Bangkok. She is looking forward to working in Hong Kong where she can get outside in the fresh air for long walks and travelling to new places. She grew up in the outdoors and believes that being involved with the natural world from an early age is very important. Rachel is in the process of completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Special and Additional Educational Needs and aims to deliver an inclusive environment where all children can strive to meet their potential. She strongly believes in the Reggio Emilia approach, which supports children to become independent problem solvers with a lifelong love for learning.

Emma Wang

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Island West)

Emma Wang has been working in Shanghai for four years as an English teacher for Early Childhood. In 2014, she came to Hong Kong and completed a master’s degree at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Emma has been teaching Early Years for five years in Hong Kong and her experience has been in teaching both native and non-native speakers. She believes children form their own personality during the early years of development and that they are endowed with “a hundred languages”, through which they can express their ideas. To be a teacher is to teach children how to use these symbolic languages in everyday life.

Suie Cheung

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Island West)

Suie Cheung studied at Hong Kong University and holds a master’s degree in Education. She has lived in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and is very excited to work at Malvern College Pre-School. Suie believes that teaching and learning is all about children having fun and providing children with a creative learning environment. She loves hiking, camping and going to the beach as they both provide her with an opportunity to explore nature. Suie also enjoys playing card games, puzzles and reading books with her children at home.

Christine Chen

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Island West)

Christine Chen is from Mainland China and moved to Hong Kong after her graduation. She has dedicated herself to the early childhood education field and found that she has a great passion in this area. Seeing children’s improvements in different areas brings her joy. Christine has been teaching in traditional kindergartens and international pre-schools for seven years. She believes that children learn best through playing. She creates imaginative and engaging environments, incorporating diverse materials and toys in her teaching, including songs, puppets, stories, exciting games and art activities. Christine likes to use a variety of ways to stimulate pupils’ interest to learn.

Fiona Chum

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Island West)

Fiona was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied in the United Kingdom and is proficient in both Chinese and English. Her aspiration to become a Mandarin teacher stems from her enthusiasm for languages. Early childhood is the best time to learn any language and helps building a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Fiona strives to create a nurturing, home-like environment that supports the holistic development of pupils and leads them to reach their full potential. She aims to establish a unique and positive reciprocal relationship with her pupils by devoting herself to their well-being.

Eric Leung

Early Years Teachers Assistant (Island West)

Eric Leung recently graduated from Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education and qualified as a Kindergarten Teacher. His previous work experience with young children includes teaching placements at International Kindergartens (including Malvern College Pre-School Coronation Circle Campus) and an early intervention services provider in Hong Kong. Before deciding to become an early childhood educator, Eric completed an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in International Affairs. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he also spent part of his childhood in Hong Kong, which allowed him to become conversant in Chinese and call Hong Kong his home.

Charlotte Tse

Early Years Teachers Assistant (Island West)

Charlotte Tse graduated with a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Yew Chung College. She is eager to learn from senior teachers and growing by immersing herself in a practical setting. Charlotte is also continuing her further studies to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Charlotte is very excited about working at Malvern College Pre-School and is looking forward to seeing the children growing, day by day, and mastering new skills and knowledge.