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Natalie Gleeson

EYFS Coordinator / Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Natalie Gleeson is passionate about Early Childhood education. She enjoys the outdoors, reading stories, singing and helping pupils to make progress through playful experiences. Natalie has been teaching for 15 years, many of which have been in Kindergarten 1 and 2. Natalie trained in the UK and specialised in English. However, she quickly realised that Early Years was her niche. Since 2011, Natalie has been Assistant Principal and Deputy Head in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah, an Emirate just outside Dubai, with responsibility for Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Katie Langford

EYFS Coordinator / Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Katie Langford comes from the United Kingdom but has lived and worked in Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. Katie loves to travel, and Malaysia and Thailand are some of her favourite places. She has been in international education for over fifteen years, having trained and qualified as a teacher in Hong Kong. Katie has held a variety of roles ranging from classroom teacher, Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Principal. Most of her experience has been within international schools in Hong Kong, but she has also held positions in New York City and most recently in Dubai.

Viola Choi

Mandarin Coordinator / Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Viola Choi has been working in Kindergartens in Hong Kong and China for 16 years. She has taken on different roles; including Mandarin Class Teacher, Mandarin Curriculum Coordinator, Chinese Head Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal. Viola has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from The Education University of Hong Kong and teaching experience in a bilingual international kindergarten in Hong Kong for 11 years. Viola likes to design interesting inquiry-based, Literacy activities for the pupils. She views parents, teachers and school as an important partnership to provide the best education and guidance for children.

Claire Jones

Early Years Teacher – Forest-Beach School Leader (Kowloon and Island West)

Claire Jones is our experienced Forest-Beach School Leader and she has a Level Three Diploma in Forest Schools Leadership. Claire has led and developed Forest Schools in the United Kingdom as well as in Dubai- where she developed ‘Desert Schools’. Claire has a BED (HONS) Degree in Education (4-7 year olds) and has been a Phase Leader/ Assistant Head Teacher of UK Foundation Stage in Dubai. Claire is interested in Eco Education and enjoys art, craft, sewing, horticulture and cooking. She is passionate about enhancing children’s experiences through outdoor learning. Claire has four children, three are grown up and attending university. She enjoys keeping fit and yoga.

Heidi Luk

Music Teacher (Kowloon and Island West)

Heidi Luk started her violin playing at the age of five and she was grown up in a musical family. In 2012 she was awarded as the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and was sponsored to study at the Royal College of Music; Master of Music major in Violin performance under the supervision of Professor Radu Blidar. In addition, she has received several awards, including the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award, The King’s School Canterbury Music and Academic Scholar, The King’s School Canterbury Musician of the year, Runner up of HK School Music Festival. Heidi has also completed her studies at the University of Hong Kong specialized in Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching music for more than ten years in Hong Kong and the UK; worked at various international schools. Her teaching philosophy is to create a happy learning environment that can enhance students’ engagement in music education; promoting lifelong music learning for early childhood.

Tina Chan

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Tina Chan Graduated from the Domestic Normal school and has gained a degree in Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. She has also achieved inclusion within the Register of Supervisors and Register of Child Care Workers. Tina has been working in Early Childhood Education for more than 10 years, both in China and Hong Kong, serving as both a local school bilingual class teacher and a Mandarin teacher in an International school. Her vast experience in teaching ranges from children one and a half to six years old. She respects every child and she believes that all children are unique. Tina enjoys getting to know each child and in watching them develop their Mandarin proficiency.

Sharon Maloney

Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Sharon Maloney is British and was born in Hong Kong. Having been born and raised in the international school system in Hong Kong and at university in the United Kingdom, she began teaching language to primary school children in Hong Kong before moving to the United Kingdom to teach. After almost a decade, Sharon returned to Hong Kong to focus on her passion of teaching Early Years. She has been a teacher trainer for English for Asia, a course lecturer for the Early Childhood Education course at the Education University and head teacher at a small international kindergarten in Hong Kong. Sharon has been teaching for over twenty years. She loves travelling, cooking, eating and keeping fit. Some of her favourite sports are hiking, weightlifting, cycling and yoga. Sharon is very excited to be on the teaching team at Malvern College Pre-School.

Nicky Hao

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Nicki Hao is a resident of Shenzhen, as well as the United States. She has lived in Hong Kong for six years. Nicky has five years of experience in teaching early childhood education to multicultural students. Her experience includes teaching both native Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers. She believes in child-centered learning because every child has their own talents and strengths. Her goal is to create fun classes with games, picture books, cheerful songs, and joyful movement. Nicky wants to promote multisensory learning through the student’s daily life. Nicky had her PGDE and Master’s training at EDUHK and HKU in Hong Kong. Her learning journey has previously offered her a chance of internship at an International School here in Hong Kong.

Laura Marriott

Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Laura Marriott is a native English speaker from the United Kingdom. Laura has experience in teaching both K1 and K2 pupils, as well as having taught English as a Foreign Language to all ages. Laura trained and worked in the United Kingdom for six years before moving to an international school in Borneo where she has been teaching for two years. Originally, Laura qualified as an EFL teacher and spent six years teaching in different language schools in Northern Spain, Vietnam and Australia. She loved teaching and really enjoyed teaching children in the Early Years and so returned to the United Kingdom to obtain her PGCE degree. Laura can speak Spanish and Portuguese and studied both at university.

Yanmengjiao Cui (Jojo)

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Yanmengjiao Cui (Jojo) graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong with a Master Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also a trilingual speaker, with Putonghua, English and Russian (B.A), which equips her with good skills switching amongst different languages. Jojo encourages holistic education and, as a naturalist, she believes in the exploration of the natural environment in facilitating children’s language acquisition and perceptual competency. Jojo has previously been a Mandarin Coordinator as well as a Senior Instructor in Gymboree at the Early Childhood Education Institute (Top 10 Global) in Beijing for nearly two years, where she interacted with young children aging from 3 months to 5 years old. Jojo loves drama, art, design and Chinese ancient culture, which she believes plays a significant role in the construction of children’s ‘Hundred Languages’.

Annette Garvey

Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Annette Garvey’s originates from Australia. She has thirty-five years of experience which includes Kindergarten/Pre-School, long day care, occasional care and vacation care within Australia. Annette has also lived and worked in Hong Kong for over thirteen years and held positions both Early Years teacher, Playgroup and leadership. Annette has completed a ‘Master of Teaching in Early Childhood’ in Australia. She has a passion for teaching internationally where she has the wonderful opportunity of meeting families from around the globe.

Shirley Siu

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Shirley Siu is a native Chinese- speaking teacher born and raised in An Hui, China. Shirley has over twenty years’ experience in the field of education. Shirley moved to Hong Kong twenty years ago and she has been teaching Mandarin for Early Years since then. Shirley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Years education from Chaohu University and a qualification in Early Childhood Care and Education Teaching (Chinese) in Hong Kong. Shirley loves to teach Chinese because she believes that the benefits of learning a language not only help the student’s linguistic abilities but also their cognitive and creative abilities. Shirley’s background in languages allows her to incorporate all the aspects into her classes for a well-rounded cultural experience.

Catriona Briggs

Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Catriona Briggs originates from the United Kingdom and graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Studies and Psychology. She has spent the last six years working across a diverse range of early years settings across London and Hong Kong. Her most recent title has been Senior Early Years Teacher working alongside the EYFS curriculum. Catriona believes that the EYFS curriculum allows children to be free to learn the way they choose. Outside of work, Catriona is passionate about volunteering and spent last year in London working with the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Saturday play club for patients and their siblings. Since moving to Hong Kong she is proud to have volunteered with a variety of NGO’s through the charity ‘HandsOn Hong Kong’.

Linda Zhou

Early Years Teacher – Mandarin (Kowloon)

Linda Zhou has been working in Mandarin language schools for more than four years in Hong Kong. She has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic from Shanghai International Studies’ University in Mainland China. She then pursued her postgraduate study in Linguistics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in Language Acquisition. She is experienced in Mandarin teaching for students of different ages, especially non-native learners of Mandarin. She believes that each child is unique and creative. She is devoted to Early Childhood Education, aiming to provide support from all aspects and create a comfortable and safe environment for children to learn, develop and grow up.

Rachel Frawley

Early Years Teacher – English (Kowloon)

Rachel Frawley is from Ireland and has been living abroad for the last few years including; Russia, Poland, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Rachel moved to Hong Kong five years ago and decided to focus her time studying and further developing her knowledge of Early Years. She finished her PGCE in 2016 and gained experience teaching in Pre-Schools in Hong Kong. Rachel is continuing her studies with a Master’s Degree in International Education. Rachel is a strong advocate for play-based learning, and believes that with a stimulating and fun environment, children can truly prosper.

Heidi Chan

Early Years Teaching Assistant (Kowloon)

Heidi Chan has been a teaching assistant working in international schools in Early Years and Lower primary for the past seven years in Hong Kong. She completed her post-secondary studies in the United States where she obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Arkansas. After completing her formal education, Heidi has continued to participate in ongoing professional development for improving her methods and practice as a teaching assistant. She is dedicated to her purpose of supporting students to foster their creativity, promote caring, arouse their curiosity, and enable them to be confident in their abilities. Her aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for students to learn and explore through activities that stimulate growth while at the same time are enjoyable. She is the mother of a little boy and likes spending time with her family in Hong Kong.

Elizabeth (Liz) Thomas

Early Years Teaching Assistant – Floating (Kowloon)

Elizabeth (Liz) Thomas has a Master’s Degree in Business but a passion for Early Childhood Education and she has worked in both local and International Schools in Hong Kong. Teaching brings her a source of joy and she has also complimented her skills by completing a TEFL course. Over her ten years in education she has worked with a range of children from diverse backgrounds. In her spare time Liz enjoys spending time with her family and baking. She also enjoys the Creative Arts. Liz has a four-year-old daughter and has been a teacher in Hong Kong for seven years.

Shui Lim Li (Suellen)

Early Years Teachers Assistant (Kowloon)

Suellen Li studied Early Childhood Education and lived in Australia for several years from 2008. She has also had experience working in an accelerated Learning Centre. She returned to Hong Kong in order to study for her Higher Diploma of Early Childhood Education which she successfully obtained from Yew Chung Community College (YCCC). Suellen is an advocate of Play-Based Learning and is keen to put her studies of the Early Years Foundation Stage into practice. She loves to travel, and Switzerland holds a special place in her heart. Reading books and listening to music are also some of her favourite pastimes.

Nga Yan LAM (Susan)

Early Years Teachers Assistant (Kowloon)

Susan Lam has completed her Higher Diploma of Early Childhood Education which she successfully obtained from Yew Chung Community College (YCCC).
and is a native Putonghua Speaker and fluent English speaker. She has had practical experience in her studies in a variety of international settings, including Malvern College Pre-School- where her passion for teaching and talents were immediately noticed as she was invited to join the team. Susan enjoys working as part of a team and assisting in supporting children’s development. Susan enjoys cooking, craft making and jogging in her spare time.

Sairah Sher

Early Years Teachers Assistant (Kowloon)

Sairah Sher graduated in 2018 from Yew Chung Community College with Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is a Hong Kong-born Pakistani and can speak English, Cantonese and Urdu fluently. In her spare time, she likes to read books, make crafts and draw. She can hand-sew and make Hennah designs. Last year, Malvern College Pre-School was her first full time job as a Teaching Assistant. Sairah has previously worked as a part-time tutor for primary school students. She believes in play-based learning where children have access to a variety of experiences and are encouraged to explore. She is a patient, caring and sociable person. Sairah is passionate about teaching young children and is thrilled to be a part of Malvern College Pre-School, to learn and contribute to children’s learning.

Nicole Cheng

Support Early Years Teachers Assistant (Kowloon)

Nicole Cheng’s experience includes teaching Early Years Day Care provision, lead teacher roles and most recently served; as a Kindergarten Teacher. Nicole has a Bachelor of Education Degree (Early Childhood) and works with all classes, as a Support Teaching Assistant in the Kowloon campus. Nicole’s teaching experience includes teaching in Chinese traditional schools. Her lessons are child focused and engaging. Nicole is very passionate about Early Years teaching as she finds it very rewarding and fulfilling to see her students grow up, day-by-day, and building milestones together.