Music Exploration (for MCPS Pupils only)

Camp Provider: Ms Heidi Luk

Children love to sing and play instruments! This course aims to provide a strong musical learning experience before they learn to play any musical instruments. Music Explorations aims to strengthen your child’s language, social, creativity and listening skills. The educational programme helps children to develop a deep love of music and the ability to express themselves. Music Explorations involves singing, movement, music theory, listening and aural skills training. Instrumental learning is introduced by using age-appropriate instruments such as piano, xylophone etc. As a result, children eventually develop an important understanding of music as well as laying a pathway to musical efficiency.


Core Learning Areas:

  • Singing
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Notation Skills
  • Aural and Listening Skills Training
  • Music Appreciation
  • Creating and Improvisation
  • Instrumental playing i.e. piano, xylophone, recorder, etc. (will be provided)

Island West Campus:

Dates Monday and Wednesday Fee
28 and 30 June 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
5 and 7 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
12 and 14 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
19 and 21 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
26 and 28 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500


Coronation Circle Campus:

Dates Tuesday and Thursday Fee
29 June 10:30-11:15am HK$ 250
6 and 8 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
13 and 15 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
20 and 22 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500
27 and 29 July 10:30-11:15am HK$ 500


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