Young Children love to play at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup!

At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup, we celebrate Early Childhood. We know and understand that when young children play, they are learning at the same time. Young children learn from a kaleidoscope of experiences, both adult-led and from the outcomes of actions/interactions that they have initiated.

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup promotes a Reggio Emilia approach. We have a great respect for the child as a person and a great thinker.

We encourage positive relationships and shared experiences where teachers are aware of the different developmental needs of each group member.

Teachers will encourage children’s participation by incorporating open-ended exploratory play, empowering children to become confident, independent, curious, inspired and excited. Children will be encouraged and supported to participate in hands-on enquiry, and regardless of outcomes, there will always be a learning experience.

At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup, children will be offered many play/learning experiences under different themes or ‘Projects’ that support and enrich learning throughout formal education. Such experiences include looking, listening, touching, tasting, investigating, exploring, and experimenting -through playing and talking.

During our Playgroup sessions, children will have opportunities to:

  • look at interesting things such as birds, animals, plants, trees, mobiles, shells, stones, boxes, tubes, mirrors;
  • listen to a range of sounds such as songs, rhymes, jingles, stories, music;
  • touch a variety of objects that are hard, soft, bumpy, smooth, rough, cold;
  • taste a range of flavours such as those in fruit, milk, vegetables, bread;
  • investigate things that open, close, float, sink, twist, turn;
  • explore objects such as large boxes, things that make noises, things that move;
  • experiment with water, sand, clay, paint, glue, dough, crayons;
  • play for uninterrupted periods of time, alone and alongside others, with help from adults, and in their own way;
  • talk to other children and adults and have their efforts rewarded; and
  • watch and observe when they wish, rest and relax from time to time.

There is play and there is play. At Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup, we believe in and promote parent/carer involvement as this does not merely contribute to quality, but is essential if Early Education is to be successful. Adults who encourage and support young children to play are adults who are helping children to learn.


2017-18 Timetable

Group B: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: For children from 18-24 months old
Group C & D: Tuesday and Thursday: For children from 12-18 months old
Group E: Friday afternoon: For children from 6-24 months old
Group F: Wednesday afternoon: For children from 6-12 months old
Group G: Saturday morning: For children from 12-18 months old
Group H: Saturday morning: For children from 6-24 months old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00-10:30 Group H
11:00-12:30 Group G
13:00-14:30 Group C Group F Group C Group E
14:30-16:00 Group B Group D Group B Group D Group B