It is our intention to provide a welcoming, friendly, well-equipped environment for the children aged between 1-2 years and their parents or carers. A child’s earliest years is a period of rapid growth during which foundations are laid which will determine many facets of a child’s being, particularly brain development. With the best intentions in the world, domestic homes would find it difficult to replicate the opportunities that can be offered within a well-run adult-accompanied toddler playgroup. Social interaction benefits not only the children but also adults who accompany them to the magical world of school. Carefully selected equipment, designed specifically to encourage all-rounded opportunity to be guided by a highly trained, knowledgeable, yet supportive practitioner.


Our educational playgroup for children aged 1-2 years is a 1.5 hours programme and is adult accompanied and led by an experienced Early Years educator. Our Malvern College Playgroup programme focuses on the fundamental developmental areas of Language and Communication, Cognition, Physical Development, Creativity and Imagination, Music and Social and Emotional Development through a range of play-based structured and unstructured activities that develops the whole-child.


Each Term our Playgroup will focus on a particular theme. Playgroup sessions usually involve:

  • Welcome – Free choice (a lovely way to settle into the session)
  • Circle Time (greetings, learning names, songs, fingerplays based on the theme)
  • Learning stations (including sensory play, creative play, theme based learning in a range of areas).
  • Snack time (developing social skills and interactions; healthy eating habits)
  • Story (to develop a love of reading and literature, to learn more about the particular theme)
  • Games and Movement (including music, dance, singing and instruments)
  • Closing and Goodbye (to establish routines and the concept of time, to recap on all that has been learnt)


At the end of each Term, each playgroup student will receive a photo portfolio highlighting the developmental learning areas, learning goals and theme covered – a special record and memento of their time in Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Playgroup.

More details of the playgroup programme will be announced in early 2017.